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ICI Panelist

Panel System

The Coalindo panels are comprised of about 35 members balanced between 14 (fourteen) representatives of coal producers, 14 (fourteen) coal consum­ers, and 7 (Seven) coal market intermediaries (traders and brokers).

Two separate panels contribute to Coalindo. One panel provides inputs for the ICI-1 6,500 GAR (6,200 NAR), ICI-2 5,800 GAR (5,500 NAR) and ICI-3 5,000 GAR (4,600 NAR) indexes. The other panel provides inputs for the ICI-4 4,200 GAR (3,800 NAR) and ICI-5 3,400 GAR (3,000 NAR) index. The use of two separate panels reflects the different profile of producers and consumers of 4,200 GAR (3,800 NAR) and 3,400 GAR (3,000 NAR) that are more focused for the Indonesian domestic market.

The basic requirement to become a member of the Coalindo panel is a minimum supervisory position of Senior Manager of Marketing and/or having 10 years relevant experience in coal sales and marketing, directly pertaining to the coal business and the associated specified coal grade for the panel.

Panel Contributions

Registered panel members submit their market price input of the appropriate Indonesian coal grades to Coalindo every week, on Friday from  09:00 AM to 15:00 PM at Jakarta time.

Price submissions are based on the informed expertise of the panelist and should represent the value of the latest deals  or the value of his bid and offer. Panel members are stringently pre-qualified and selected. Weekly price input  perfomance is monitored, evaluated and tabulated.

Panel Confidentiality

Coalindo treats each individual panelist’s input as strictly confidential.