• Who owns Coalindo?

Coalindo is private limited company owned together by several coal stakeholders and prominent coal related individuals mostly in Indonesia. Our shareholding system is limited to 3% per person/company to  avoid domination and to maintain the independent position of ICI. 

  • Who is Argus Media?

Argus is a leading provider of energy price assessments in the world, in business intelligence and market data for the global crude oil, petroleum products, gas, LPG, coal, electricity, biofuels, biomass, emissions, and transportation industries. It is headquartered in London, and has offices in every major centre of the energy industry.

  • How are Coalindo related to Argus?

Argus Media Ltd is joint venture company with PT Coalindo Energy in publishing the ICI. Argus is the international aspect of the assessment also as the international publisher of ICI.

  • Is Coalindo supported by any Coal Association in Indonesia?

Coalindo is fully supported by Indonesia Coal Mining Association (ICMA).

  • Are ICI report approved or authorized by government?

ICI is officially approved by the government with an official letter. In fact, ICI also used as part of the formulation of government’s Indonesian Coal Price reference (ICPR).

  • How many countries are using your reports?

Currently we have subscriber from more than 21 countries worldwide : Indonesia, India, China, Hongkong, Thailand, United Kingdom, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, France, Philippines, UAE, Germany, USA, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourgh, South Africa and Chile, basically in wherever country that using Indonesian coal.

  • Why you chose those five calories?

These 5 calories are the most relevant and highly traded coal calories that are produced in Indonesia today. The number is gained through deep research to several prominent coal producers in Kalimantan and Sumatra.

  • I am interested in seeing a sample or trial of your report. How can I get these?

Sample of ICI report can be found on our website at the service section (Argus/Coalindo ICI) or please contact us at elga@coalindoenergy.com to get the trial version.

  • I need to know the current coal price in market. Can you tell me?

ICI price is the exclusive rights of our officially registered subscriber. To gain this valuable information you have to register first, for info on how to subscribe, please refer to the “ICI subscriber” section.

  • Ok, I think I need this report. How I can subscribe? Where is the price?

Thank you for your interest on our report. Please refer to the “ICI subscriber” section of this website for the details. The complete information about the prices and packages will be sent to you after you complete the procedure given on that section.

  • I need some historical data. Can you help with this?

Almost certainly yes, we have three years worth of historical data available at your demand. However, ICI historical data is only available to our officially registered subscriber. For info on how to subscribe, please refer to the “ICI subscriber” section.

  • I am missing the last week report. How can I get a replacement?

Please email us at our Customer Relationship prashanti@coalindoenergy.com. Tell us about the problem, and we will respond immediately. 

  • I am organising a conference and hoped you could help promote this. Who should I speak to?
Please send the details to us at elga@coalindoenergy.com. Alternatively, you can call directly to our office. The number is provided in “contact us” section.