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Indonesian Coal Index (ICI) Panelist Performance Evaluation

3. Coefficient Correlation (r): the indicator of how far/close Coalindo Assessment in the following market or otherwise if r > 0.5, the coefficient correlation is good. if r < 0.5, the coefficient correlation is bad a. b. 1.Grubb Test (G) the indicator of how to find ICI outliers numbers. a. b. if G > bottom line, that find ICI outliers numbers if G < bottom line, there is no ICI outlier numbers 2.Mean Percentage Average Deviation (MAPD): the indicator of how big the percentage deviation between Coalindo assessment compared with Argus assessment if MAPD < 5%, the deviation is good if MAPD between 5% - 12%, the deviation is moderate if MAPD > 12%, the deviation is poor a. b. c. ICI PANELIST PERFORMANCE EVALUATION Based on Statistic Analysis, we have 3 (three) tools that will act as the indicators